John Burns (Story director at ECHO Storytelling)

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Amanda Growe for over a decade now. We met while she was a grad student (she TA’d a course I taught), and her unique raft of skills—great rigour, compassion, and healthy skepticism—convinced me to invite her to join the Georgia Straight, where we worked together for two years. Amanda flourished during that time, bringing an eagle eye and scrupulous care to copy that flew past at breakneck pace. She also showed courage in accepting new challenges, such as writing for the paper and assuming some management responsibilities.

Since that time, I’ve made sure we continue to work together (Amanda happily and handily ghost-proofread Vancouver magazine for several years), most recently at ECHO Storytelling, where I’m delighted to once again invite her to improve everything she touches as a contract line editor. If you’re confident your writing is already unassailable and unimprovable, well, good for you. For those of us with a more realistic view of publishing, you’ll want to call in Amanda. She’s unflaggingly careful and unfailingly cheerful. Just do it already!

Charlie Smith (Editor at the Georgia Straight)

Amanda Growe is an outstanding editor. She is an expert at ferreting out factual errors, smoothing out copy, eliminating illogical sentence constructions, and improving word choices.

She’s also extremely pleasant, compassionate, and intelligent. I’m confident that anyone who hires Amanda will not regret making this choice. I was very lucky to work with her for several years.

Stephen Hui (BC communications lead at the Pembina Institute and former web editor and technology editor at the Georgia Straight)

Amanda is one of the finest editors I have ever worked with. Whether she is copy editing or proofreading news, lifestyle, arts, or entertainment content, she is rigorous, conscientious, and precise. As a writer, my stories were always improved by her edits. Amanda would be a valuable asset to any organization. I just hope my wholehearted recommendation doesn’t contain any grammatical errors.

Carolyn Ali (Global content manager at Destination BC; former food and travel editor at the Georgia Straight)

Amanda is a meticulous editor with a razor-sharp eye for detail. She is skilled at catching even the smallest error that other editors might miss. She really cares that facts are correct and copy is error-free. Through gentle questioning, she has saved many a writer from making an embarrassing mistake in print. She can take a piece of mediocre writing and turn it into something great, all the while respecting the writer’s personal voice.

Amanda works well in collaboration with others and also on her own. She is very well-organized and takes deadlines seriously. I enjoy working with her and recommend her for any editing or proofreading work.