Drive-By Editing: Ferries, pizza, and lost in translation

It’s easy to pick on BC Ferries… And they make it even easier with this ad proclaiming “30% off passengers.” Makes me think passengers are something for sale in the gift shop.

pizzaThis masterpiece of promotional writing gave me a laugh when I spotted it on a frozen-pizza box last night. First off, one pizza slice?? That just isn’t reasonable. “Feel good knowing we have made positive progress towards sodium reduction” sounds like Engrish but presumably isn’t.

mainichiHere we have a deliberate or inadvertent redundancy in The Japan Times. I say deliberate because there is a style of writing where non-English words are explained in a similar way, for example in food writing. “The daily Mainichi Shimbun newspaper” is like saying “the daily Every Day Newspaper newspaper”! To an audience that has likely heard of it!

Still, it’s pretty easy to be on this side of the screen…


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